2 Heads PCB CNC Routing Machine

2 heads routing machine for small batch boards routing. We can supply bigger size table per your demands.

Features – customized, cost-effective, steady, easy-going operation interface

Machine Model – R12/R12K/R12KT

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Circuit Board Manufacturing Routing Machine

DLCNC aims to provide customers with a total solution that embodies professional, cutting-edge, timely service. The circuit board manufacturing routing machine was independently developed by DLCNC in China


Item Parameters
Number of Z axis 1
Number of Spindles 2
Processing Area of Each Axis 680mm×730mm
XYZ axis Movement Area 700mm×825mm×55mm
Drilling Diameter φ0.5-φ6.35mm
Routing Diameter φ0.6-φ6.35mm
XY axis max movement speed 28/min
Z axis max movement speed 25/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.005mm
Routing Accuracy ±0.05mm
Power Supply Requirement 3PH-AC380V+PE,50/60Hz,4KVA
Compressed Air Requirement 0.7-0.8MPa
Cooling Water Temperature 18℃-25℃
Working Condition Temperature 20℃-25℃
Humidity 50%-75%

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The guideline to choose a good CNC drilling/routing machine

CNC machine is vital in the part of PCB processing. Here we list some points to help you choose your ideal machines.

  1. Machine is of good rigid and stability. Granite is heavy and stable. It is the good material for machine base.
  2. Spindle speed and stability. Routing machine prefer ball bearing spindle as its good torque. Drilling machine prefer air bearing spindle as its high speed to improve drilling precision.
  3. Drill precision and repeatable precision. It needs years’ observation. Top brand always do better on this area.
  4. X/Y/Z axis feed in speed. Higher speed will improve the work efficiency. Linear motor drive has quicker speed. Max can be of 100m/m
  5. Max process table size. It depends on the board size you will process.
  6. Control system and operation system. Choose your familiar one. Popular operation system is windows, control system top brand is sieb&meyer. The lastest version of Sieb&meyer is CNC95. Also need to check the compatible of the drilling program and control system.
  7. Tool management. Drilling normally about 200pcs. Routing 66pcs.
  8. Linear scale. Linear scale has higher precision. But it is sensitive to dust. Make sure no contamination. Or for routing machine, magnet scale is alternative choice.
  9. Vacuum system. It is important to keep the machine running.
  10. Protection system. Check the slide door and infrared ray protection system.
  11. Table move method and fix device. There are two ways, one is table move by air, the other is by ball screw drive. By air, lower abrasion, but energy consumption will be higher(air supply). By ball screw drive, will lower the air supply, but ball screw need to recalibration every year. Fix device adopt air supply fix device to tighten the workpiece is handy.
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