Planer type PCB router machine-Customized machine

  1. 1. XYZ axis imported AC servo;
  2. 2.Imported high precision ball screw and linear square rails;
  3. 3.Full granite mechanical frame;
  4. 4.Self-own control system.
  1. 1.tool cassette besides spindle, easy for pick up tool;
  2. 2.66pcs tool for one spindle(adjust per customer requirement);
  3. 3.Tool length check automatically;
  4. 4.Auto water recycling cooling system, thermal monitor, ensure spindles’ safe working;
  5. 5. Auto remember original point of programme;
  6. 6.A complete set of  displacement restriction protection system for hard and software;
  7. 7.Overheat, overload, overcurrent protection system.
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