PCB Drilling Machine D3X


  1. XYZ axis linear motor
  2. high precision linear scale and guide
  3. Granite marble base frame


  1. XYZ independent structure,linear motor improve the drilling speed
  2. Quick drill function reduce the waiting time.
  3. QIC function improve the drilling accuracy and speed.
  4. Smart gripper design for pick and load efficiently and precisely.
  5. 220pcs tooling capacity for spindle to handling.
  6. Auto tooling length, diameter check
  7. Contacted tooling broken detection, greatly reduce reaction time.
  8. Water cooling system, real-time monitor on cooling temperature, water flow, optimally protect spindles.


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High Speed  PCB drilling machine

PCB Drilling Machine D3X : We are proud to introduce you the unprecedented project:it applies to Printed Circuit Board drilling which is economical, accurate, quick and bristling with new ideas.

Granite base frame is of good rigidity, good vibration absorption and the bed is not inclined to distortion.


Item Parameters
Processing Area of Each Axis 680mm×680mm
Spindle Speed 160-200krpm
Drilling Diameter φ0.15-φ6.35mm
XY axis max movement speed 80/min
Z axis max movement speed 50/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.005mm
Drilling Accuracy ±1mil
Power Supply Requirement 3PH-AC380V+PE,50/60Hz,4KVA
Compressed Air Requirement 35L/min (per axis), air pressure 2Kg/cm
Cooling Water Temperature 18℃-25℃
Working Condition Temperature 20℃-25℃
Humidity 50%-75%

          High Speed PCB Drilling Machine hole precision analysis

As we know, a good hole location accuracy is always convenient for following process and customer use.So in some extent, it even makes up the drawback of following process management and control. But the picky on accuracy may cause lower work efficiency, hurt company and staff members’ interests.

Therefore  we then quote a concept “CPK“(Complex Process Capability Index). It’s the indicator to evaluate modern enterprise manufacturing capability. Normally we require CPK≥1.33, this means production capability is steady and match the requirement. If CPK≥1.66, this means production capability is over requirement, need to adjust input and output.

                           We list some elements that may affect hole location accuracy.

The first element is equipment.For this reason,regular check and maintenance is necessary,because you can detect and wipe out the problems as early as possible which is vital for keeping work accuracy.

The second element is technics parameters. Therefore you should analysis  the below factors:

1.pile height 2.rotation speed 3.feed in and withdraw 4.working life 5.backup board material and hardness 6. cover board material and hardness 7.workpiece material and hardness.

The third element is specific tool status, for example tool grinding and control, pressure foot status, pin situation and vacuum pressure

The last one  is operators skill level. in this case,it is also very important part in the whole process.

In brief,drilling precision is a very sophisticated and highly technological process.So we rely on scientific, reasonable, precisely, correct thoughts to guide us, never just behave by feelings.

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