2020 PCB Industry Analysis and Forecast

by PCB drilling and routing machine manufacturer DLCNC

PCB industry transfer to east of the world, China takes up half portion.

Observe PCB overall development, since middle of last century, the global PCB industry layout transferred from Europe-America Leading to Asia Leading, China acts as an important role.

According to Prismark data, mainland China PCB output increase from 14.251 billion US dollar in 2009 to 32.702 billion US dollar in 2018 year. China takes up 52.41 percent of global PCB output. China PCB output will be expected to stand at 42 billion US dollar by 2025.

In general, the rigid circuit board is the first demand among various board types. Multiple layer board is 39 percent of the rigid circuit board output, single/double layer is 14 percent. The second demand circuit board is flexible board, about 21 percent of general output; HDI board and packaging substrate is about 14 percent and 12 percent.

Now, PCB manufacturers from Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are still dominant suppliers of high level PCB product. Domestic PCB industry chain downstream enterprises blossom, speed up the procedure of PCB made in China. The downstream enterprises, such as HUAWEI, LENOVO,ZTE made great progress in building top brand. They result in stimulating PCB made in China.

Start from 2017, 5G, Cloud computing and smart car these new economy growth point emerge, bring new challenge and revolution to PCB industry. 

Automatic, smart produce is leading the PCB industry upgrading. Small and medium size PCB manufacturer always face capital issue, and environment protection policy also require factory facilities upgrading. Capital issue is severe. On the contrary, the leading PCB enterprises have made great progress through listing and financing.

Here is content for PCB drilling and routing machine.

PCB drilling is a vital part in the whole PCB processing. Drilling process takes up the longest time of the whole PCB processing. A good PCB drilling and routing machine will directly affect the final product quality and cost. Currently, 90 percent of the drilling is performed by mechanical CNC drilling and routing machine. Hence, mechanical CNC drilling and routing machine is mainstream of PCB hole handling equipment.

PCB drilling and routing machine is also on the way of made in China. Our aim is to make low cost PCB milling machine, low cost PCB drilling machine while keeping higher level quality. Please go back to check our machine model. Any questions, please feel free to ask!

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